Antimicrobial Resistance Centre

Inspiring innovation in AMR research through interdisciplinary and international engagements.

About the Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Centre

The Centre is based on five disciplinary pillars:

The aims of the AMR Centre are:

  1. Promote and facilitate high quality research into AMR that builds on and exploits disciplinary strengths across LSHTM.
  2. Facilitate AMR related funding responses and collaboration opportunities.
  3. Provide an interface for LSHTM’s AMR research for staff, public, press and wider research communities.
  4. Provide educational materials on AMR.

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Mass Drug Administration and Antimicrobial Resistance Symposium - 20 February 2019

Mass Drug Administration (MDA) is an intervention proposed to reduce morbidity and mortality of entire populations. While this holds promise for achieving health targets, with arguments that it will stimulate economic growth, the approach is not without its challenges. Critiques of the ‘magic bullet’ approach of MDA observe that its other effects may be detrimental including for antimicrobial resistance. This symposium will include sessions on Azithromycin, malaria, NTDs and thematic issues, followed by a drinks reception.

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Can active case detection help to eliminate multidrug resistant malaria in Cambodia?

The spread of resistance of P. falciparum malaria parasites to artemisinins is one of the biggest threats to global malaria control and elimination, and has the potential to result in millions of deaths, mainly in African children.    Cambodia, which is at the epicentre of antimalarial drug resistant malaria, declared a goal of eliminating malaria by 2025.  However there are lots of questions about how to achieve this operationally.

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Metrics and Methods for Assessing Antibiotic Use – Roundtable

In late November 2017, the AMR Centre hosted 38 researchers, health and policy professionals in London for a roundtable to discuss how best antibiotic use can be measured in a way that informs strategies to address antibiotic resistance both nationally and internationally.

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VIDEO | Rise and fall of the magic bullet

AMR Centre member Sam Willcocks walks us through the rise and fall of antibiotics, and shows us why we need to think carefully about how we harness new technology so that we can continue to do good.