Antimicrobial Resistance Centre

Inspiring innovation in AMR research through interdisciplinary and international engagements.

The Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Centre

AMR is a threat to life and healthcare globally. With increasing levels of international concern about AMR, we need high quality research and evidence to guide action. The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine is unique in the breadth of disciplines used to meet this complex challenge. These range from microbiology and clinical medicine to social studies and economics. The School’s Antimicrobial Resistance Centre, launched in 2016, will foster connections between these scientific approaches, generating innovative approaches to science and policy.

The Centre is based on five disciplinary pillars:


SYMPOSIUM | Microbiome Goes Mainstream: Implications for health research worldwide

17/2/2017 Research into the microbiome has accelerated and has shifted from the margins of science to the mainstream. What are the implications for health research worldwide? The Antimicrobial Resistance Centre at the LSHTM is hosting a one-day symposium on the microbiome. Bringing together researchers from across different areas and disciplines in health research, we will consider recent developments in our interests and understandings of the microbiome, learn about ongoing research at LSHTM on the microbiome, and scope out directions for further research and collaboration.


REPORT | First recorded cases of frontline malaria drug failing to treat UK patients

New parasite strains hinting at potential drug resistance are a warning for Africa.


VIDEO | Rise and fall of the magic bullet

AMR Centre member Sam Willcocks walks us through the rise and fall of antibiotics, and shows us why we need to think carefully about how we harness new technology so that we can continue to do good.


NEWS | Dame Sally Davies speaks at the launch of the AMR Centre

Dame Sally Davies, the UK's Chief Medical Officer, spoke at the unveiling of the School's new Anti-Microbial Resistance Centre on Friday 2nd December, highlighting the threat posed by AMR. The event saw talks from researchers drawn from across the School's departments representing the different pillars of the Centre, as well from the School’s Deputy Director and Provost, Anne Mills, and the Co-Directors of the AMR Centre, Clare Chandler and Richard Stabler.

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REPORT | Addressing Antimicrobial Resistance through Social Theory

It is World Antibiotic Awareness Week, when the World Health Organisation campaigns for the topic of antimicrobial resistance to be on the lips of the public, health workers and policy makers. This week, the LSHTM’s Anthropology of AMR research group publishes an unusual report, Addressing Antimicrobial Resistance through Social Theory. The report introduces a range of traditional and contemporary theory, primarily from anthropology, and crucially demonstrates how these theories can be usefully applied to addressing AMR.

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BLOG | The United Nations AMR Forum

Global leaders at the United Nations General Assembly have signed a declaration that their 193 countries will take steps to rid the world of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). It is only the fourth time in the history of the UN that a health topic has been on the General Assembly agenda.

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