Understanding health system linkages: Formative research to develop strategies to support quality improvement in treatment in the private sector

Through a specific focus on antibiotic treatment and use, this study aims to shed light on the broader processes affecting quality of care in private clinics and drug shops in Uganda. The private sector plays an important role in health care provision in many African countries and cannot be overlooked in strategies to control misuse of antibiotics. Nor can treatment practices and standards be addressed by focusing on one sector in isolation. The private sector interacts with, and is shaped by, the organisation and performance of the public sector, demand from patients and regulatory controls.

Project Duration: 2017 – 2019
LSHTM lead investigator: Sian Clarke
LSHTM staff: Eleanor Hutchinson, Catherine Goodman, Heidi Hopkins
Funding: DFID/MRC/Wellcome Trust/ESRC. Health Systems Research call