Research Projects

Combating drug resistance through better governance of unregulated antimicrobial sellers in Cambodia: addressing stakeholder connections & perceptions

The research proposed here is for a 20-month Foundation grant applying innovative methods to understand, and develop strategies to address unresolved challenges relating to governance of a poorly characterised segment of the health system – unregulated, for-profit drug sellers. We focus on a high priority global health issue, inappropriate dispensing of antimicrobials (AMs), in one […]

Clinical Case Challenge on Diagnostics and AMR

Some medical schools have gaps in clinical diagnostics and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) content. We propose a challenge to solicit clinical diagnostic and AMR clinical cases through a global call for participation. Clinical diagnostics are tests to aid clinical management and/or guide treatment decisions. The purpose of the challenge is to encourage medical students, trainees, physicians, and others to collect or write […]

Carriage of antimicrobial resistance genes in children enrolled in the FIEBRE study

Antibiotic resistance (or antimicrobial resistance: AMR) is a well-recognised threat to global health. Few studies have examined how frequently people in Africa carry bacteria with genes that confer resistance to different antibiotics. The limited data available suggest that the rate of carriage of bacteria with resistant genes is high, even when the antibiotics in question […]

Beyond non-inferiority: a practical trial design for optimising antibiotic treatment duration

There is substantial interest in investigating the use of shorter durations of antibiotic treatment for bacterial infections to counter the global threat of AMR. Classic designs compare two arbitrarily chosen durations in a non-inferiority trial. Given their important limitations (including arbitrary non-inferiority margins), our aim was therefore to develop new alternative designs to optimise duration […]

Anti-Microbials In Society (AMIS): a Global Interdisciplinary Research Hub

The AMIS programme aims to stimulate engagement with social research that presents different ways of conceiving, responding to, and framing global health issues, including AMR.

Antibiotic Prescribing and Resistance: Views from LMIC Prescribing and Dispensing Professionals

This project aims to understand the awareness of antibiotic resistance (AMR) amongst medical and veterinary professionals across LMICs.

AMR in a Global Context: Development Awards

The current focus of this initiative is on resistant bacteria of humans and animals but we acknowledge antimicrobial issues in other classes of pathogens and other target species such as plants, which will not be addressed through this initiative.

test project 2

test project 2

A trial of a quality improvement programme in the private sector in Tanzania

Private facilities are a major and growing source of treatment in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC), but there is considerable concern about the safety and quality of care. This research takes place in the context of an innovative quality improvement intervention developed by the international NGO PharmAccess to improve private sector quality, termed SafeCare.