Clinical Case Challenge on Diagnostics and AMR

Some medical schools have gaps in clinical diagnostics and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) content. We propose a challenge to solicit clinical diagnostic and AMR clinical cases through a global call for participation. Clinical diagnostics are tests to aid clinical management and/or guide treatment decisions. The purpose of the challenge is to encourage medical students, trainees, physicians, and others to collect or write clinical cases that could be used in medical education and shared online. The challenge has two types of clinical cases: original cases written specifically for the contest and not published before; adapted cases that have been published elsewhere and tailored for medical education use.

Project Duration: Jan – Dec 2018
LSHTM lead investigator: Joseph Tucker
LSHTM staff: Rosanna Peeling, Jack Butterworth, Eneyi Kpokiri
Funding: bioMerieux
Collaborators: International Diagnostics centre., bioMerieux, Social Enterpreneurship to Spur Health, University of North Carolina
Location: UK