Past Events

LMPC Meeting | Exploiting parasite weaknesses and drug resistance

London Molecular Parasitology Club Meeting Details Speaker: Terry Smith, University of St Andrews, UK Title: Exploiting parasite weaknesses in lipid and associated metabolism   Speaker: Marcus Lee, Wellcome Sanger Institute, UK Title: Exploiting drug resistance to identify antimalarial targets   Date: 27 June 2018 Time: 18:00 Venue: John Snow Lecture Theatre, Keppel Street

Pathogen Molecular Biology Seminar | Discovery of Bedaquiline – New drug for drug-resistant Tuberculosis

Co-hosted by the AMR and TB Centre Details Speaker: Dr Anil Koul, Department of Antimicrobial Research Janssen R&D, Belgium Chair: Prof Brendan Wren Date: 25 June 2018 Time: 12:45 pm Venue: John Snow Lecture Theatre, Keppel Street

Seminar | Klebsiella pneumoniae population dynamics and antimicrobial resistance

Summary Dr Heinz’ current work focuses on gram-negative bacterial (opportunistic) pathogens; to understand how antimicrobial resistance spreads via mobile elements as well as repeated independent acquisitions of intrinsic mechanisms through changes in the chromosome, and what impact the resistance mechanisms have on the bacterial cell beyond protection from antimicrobials. Part of her work also focuses […]

Workshop | RESIST: Do we know enough for antibiotic resistance modelling to inform decision-making? 

Co-hosted between the AMR Centre and CMMID       Summary RESIST is a workshop to discuss this question in the context of the ever growing research and policy interest in tackling the spread of antibiotic resistance. We have an exciting programme of speakers from the modelling community, alongside policymakers, clinicians and experimentalists. Registration is […]

Seminar | Preemptive diagnosis, anticipatory prescribing and antimicrobial resistance in urban South Africa

LSHTM Medical Anthropology seminar Summary Abstract: Drawing on interview and observational data from public health centres and private primary care surgeries in Johannesburg, Lenore explores local ideas of immunity, resistance and stewardship, and how these influence prescribing practice and the use of common medication. She suggests that health providers operate in a subjunctive mode, making decisions […]

Seminar | Redefining susceptibility and resistance to anti-tuberculosis drugs

Co-hosted between the AMR and TB Centre Summary Redefining susceptibility and resistance to anti-tuberculosis drugs Traditionally, the World Health Organization (WHO) had relied on expert opinion to set breakpoints for phenotypic drug-susceptibility testing (DST) for the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex, the causative agent of tuberculosis (TB). However, the evidence had been mounting that some of these […]

Seminar | Addressing Issues around Antimicrobial Resistance in Asia: Lessons from Pakistan and Cambodia

Summary Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is becoming recognised increasingly as a global issue, although it is likely to affect disproportionately low- and middle-income countries, such as Pakistan and Cambodia. Following the 2015 World Health Assembly, all countries were urged to develop National AMR Action Plans with WHO/FAO/OIE assistance, in an attempt to reduce inappropriate antibiotic use. […]

Book Launch and Panel Discussion | Superbugs: An Arms Race against Bacteria

Register About the book Antibiotics are powerful drugs that can prevent and treat infections, but they are becoming less effective as a result of drug resistance. Resistance develops because the bacteria that antibiotics target can evolve ways to defend themselves against these drugs. When antibiotics fail, there is very little else to prevent an infection […]

Science Museum Lates | Superbugs

Join the AMR Centre for a Superbugs Lates! On 25 April the AMR Centre will be at the Science Museum for their monthly Lates. This month looks at Superbugs, and will include games and disucssions about the large world of little microbes. More information is available on the Science Museum website. Details Date: 25 April […]

Seminar | Thinking practice with care

Thinking practice with care. An exploration of the risks and rewards of practice based approaches to a social problem in AMR In this paper I wish to share some ideas about the ways in which theories of practice may be used in pursuing medical sociology. I start from the policy interest in anti-microbial resistance (AMR) […]