£3.4m funding to develop and implement fresh perspectives on antimicrobial resistance

Two major new projects providing an alternative approach to address the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) to public health have each received £1.7 million grants under the Cross Research Council Tackling AMR Initiative. Both projects, led by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, will look at human relationships with antibiotics and the […]

New antibiotic class found to be effective against gonorrhoea in the lab

Closthioamide could be an alternative to drugs that are becoming less effective against ‘superbugs’ A route towards a much-needed new treatment for gonorrhoea is a step closer after a new class of antibiotic was found to be effective against the infection in a laboratory setting, according to a study published Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. Conducted […]

Seminar blog | How do you solve a problem like resistance?

On 2 August, the AMR Centre was fortunate enough to hear from Dr Catriona Bradshaw about the management of antimicrobial resistance, with a focus on Mycoplasma genitalium. Dr Bradshaw is based at the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre where she works as a consultant and holds Associate Professorial positions at the Central Clinical School, Monash University […]

Antimicrobial resistance conference on behalf of Bridging the Gaps, University of Nottingham

The conference We are excited to announce that Bridging the Gaps, at University of Nottingham, have organised a free antimicrobial resistance conference. The conference will include an evening reception, and dinner will be provided. Registration required (see below). When: Thursday 7th to Friday 8th September 2017 Where: A14, Pope Building, University Park campus, The University […]

Seminar blog | Are we resisting resistance?

At the beginning of July, the Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Centre started its new series of seminars with a talk from Anthony McDonnell from the Wellcome Trust. Anthony gave his perspective on AMR and spoke about the AMR (O’Neill) Review, which was implemented to raise awareness of AMR outside of the health industry and tackle important […]

WASH report

In June, the AMR Centre co-hosted a roundtable on the topic of WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) with the SHARE Consortium. Bringing together a high-level group of experts from across institutions, including from WHO, DfID, DH, MRC, the World Allicance Against AMR, WaterAid and universities in the UK and Bangladesh, the event was highly productive […]

Applying Social Theory to AMR

Addressing Antimicrobial Resistance Through Social Theory: An Anthropologically Oriented Report Director of the AMR Centre, Clare Chandler, was invited to speak at the Antimicrobial Resistance Cross Council Initiative Challenges and Opportunities Meeting on 5th July 2017. In her talk, Clare discussed the reasons why interdisciplinary working is promoted in AMR, and how this can be […]

Where humans and animals collide: Emerging infections and newfound resistance

Read the feature article by Jacqui Thornton on the LSHTM website.

BLOG | World Malaria Day Symposium

Will Resistance to Antimalarial Drugs Halt Decades of Progress? Symposium – Malaria Drug Resistance in Africa and Asia: Trends and Metrics Sinwan Basharat (AMR Centre student liaison officer) – 25.04.2017 The event that informed this blog can be viewed online here. Across the world, April 25 marks World Malaria Day. An annual day bringing international awareness to […]

CARB-X awards $24 million for new antibacterial products

via @CIDRAP at University of Minnesota New antibiotic development is getting a much-needed shot in the arm. CARB-X, a public-private initiative that aims to boost discovery and development of novel antibiotics and diagnostic tests to combat antibiotic resistance, announced today it will be awarding $24 million to 11 biotech companies working on new antibacterial products that […]