Spotlight 15/05/18 | Mass administration of azithromycin: why, and why not?

Amongst intense attention on stimulating innovation and enforcing stewardship of antibiotics, a recent study—a cluster-randomised trial—highlights just how critical ensuring access to antibiotics is. Published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Keenan et al. reported the efficacy of mass administration of azithromycin, which is known to be effective in reducing rates of trachoma, malaria […]

Help develop engaging activities for the Bloomsbury Festival

The School has been invited to contribute to this year’s Bloomsbury Festival taking place from 17-21 October 2018, and we’d like to hear from you if you have any ideas for events or activities about the research we do or would like to take part. Bloomsbury Festival is a five-day celebration of the area’s pioneering […]

Spotlight 07/05/18 | TB and AMR seminar post World-TB day

I came in to the Rose Room one April lunchtime at LSHTM, alongside a handful of other students, to sacrifice a rare sighting of the sun in London for an insight in to AMR research. Though slightly sleep deprived from assignments, I was nonetheless upbeat to hear from leading researchers. The event organisers Chathika (Researcher, […]

Spotlight 23/04/18 | Successful treatment of “world’s worst” antibiotic resistant “super-gonorrhoea”

Late last week, Public Health England (PHE) reported that a UK man infected with the “world’s worst” antibiotic resistant “super-gonorrhoea” has been successfully treated. The case was initially announced by PHE in March, and widely publicized in the mainstream news media. The infection, contracted in southeast Asia, is resistant to both elements of the recommended […]

Spotlight 09/04/18 | Advice on the use of antibiotics to treat tuberculosis

‘Antimicrobial resistance’ is a useful term, but the readership of this newsletter does not need reminding that it is a broad term that somewhat oversimplifies the science. Clinically, ‘breakpoints’ are used to define a minimum inhibitory concentration above which a pathogen is susceptible to a given drug. However, this too is an over-simplification, because breakpoints […]

Spotlight 02/04/18 | Antibiotic usage

Last week’s spotlight reported on a newly published report highlighting the lack of restraint in global antibiotic usage, which has prompted a wide response. Much of this response underlines the relative poverty of data assembled to support the inferences about low and middle income country (LMIC) antibiotic usage, and its convergence with consumption patterns in […]

Seminar report | AMR, getting the right message out there

During my year here at LSHTM I have heard more than once about the problem of communicating antimicrobial resistance to the public. Coming from a medical background, this notion puzzled me a bit at first: what is it in the message that is going wrong? On January 18th, a seminar organised by the AMR Centre […]

Spotlight 26/03/18 | FIEBRE Project Launch; Global Antibiotic Consumption Figures; Fresh perspectives on AMR from social research

FIEBRE Project Launch The Febrile Illness Evaluation in a Broad Range of Endemicities (FIEBRE) Project was launched in March – see press release here. This is the largest study of its kind, aiming to tackle antimicrobial resistance and develop a ‘blueprint’ for treatment. Funded by UKAid from the Department for International Development, and led by […]

Clinical Case Challenge on Diagnostics and AMR

Summary  Many medical schools have gaps in clinical diagnostics and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) content. We propose a challenge to solicit clinical diagnostic and AMR clinical cases through a global call for participation. Clinical diagnostics are tests to aid clinical management and/or guide treatment decisions. The purpose of the challenge is to encourage medical students, trainees, […]

Spotlight 19/03/18 | AMR multi-disciplinary course, in Kolkata, India

Welcome back after our short break due to the UK University lecturer union (UCU) strike action. Last month I ran a six-day multi-disciplinary course on Antimicrobial Resistance at The Institute of Post-Graduate Medical Education and Research in Kolkata, India. This course was jointly organised by Prof Abhijit Chowdhury from the Institute of Public Health, Kalyani […]