Spotlight 14/10/19 – World Bank Publication: Pulling Together to Beat Superbugs

A team of authors from the World Bank, supported by an external board of experts and representatives of the UN-convened tripartite on AMR (from WHO, FAO, and OIE), examined a range of antimicrobial use cases, regulatory frameworks, and knowledge gaps to develop a clearer vision of the terrain for future intervention in antimicrobial use and stewardship. Clare Chandler, Co-Director of the AMR Centre, reviewed the document prior to its release this month, and the work of the report drew on ongoing interdisciplinary investigations at LSHTM, led by Prof Chandler.

The authors note: “The rise of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), if not stopped, threatens to plunge humanity back into an era of health uncertainty few people alive today can remember. AMR does not follow national borders; its consequences affect the lives of everyone on the planet and blight the prospects of future generations. Yet with the right approach and intelligent investment, the AMR tide can be turned. Curbing the rise of AMR demands that it be refocused as a development problem. Addressing AMR is necessary to attain many of the sustainable development goals (SDGs), and it is likewise true that making progress on several SDGs and their specific targets also will contribute to tackling AMR. This virtuous synergy should be recognized more widely and exploited more fully.”

The report is available here.