AMR Education Challenge Contest

AMR Education Challenge Contest

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a major concern in healthcare today. The continuous misuse of antibiotics contributes significantly to this problem. This reduces the efficacy of antibiotics, limits treatment options, and places a serious burden on healthcare systems across the world. Development of new antibiotic drugs is dwindling with increasing rates of bacterial resistance. Therefore, it is necessary to increase awareness and understanding of rational antibiotic use and prescribing, use of clinical diagnostics, and AMR. However, few educational resources exist related to AMR and diagnostics, creating an urgent need to develop enhanced learning materials.

An Open Contest

The International Diagnostics Centre at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine is organizing an open challenge crowd sourcing contest to create open-access AMR resources. In this contest, we are asking participants to submit multiple-choice questions (MCQs), infographics, and/or images related to AMR. The focus should be on antimicrobial resistance, but we are particularly interested in examples that highlight the role of clinical diagnostics in AMR. The goal of the contest is to engage the public to think more critically about this major public health issue and obtain urgently needed resources on AMR that can then be shared with and used by medical students, physicians, infectious disease researchers, and other healthcare professionals.

How can you help?

By submitting entries, you will be contributing to the global fight against AMR. Additionally, your entries will be reviewed by experts in the field of public health and medicine, allowing you to tap into existing networks of AMR specialists. People who submit exceptional entries may win prizes such as Amazon and Visa gift cards, iRoomba, Kindle Paperwhite, and Amazon ECHO. Lastly, through our partnership with Figure 1, top submissions may be featured and promoted to a wider audience via the Figure 1 platform.

The deadline for submissions is 15 June 2019.
To learn more about the contest and specific guidelines for submitting, visit the website at or send an email to