Ethics and Value Challenges in Antibiotic Resistance Management

Also in November, the impressive Centre for Antibiotic Resistance Research, CARe, at the University of Gothenburg held a symposium on Ethics and Value Challenges in Antibiotic Resistance Management, Policy and Research. The premise for the conference was that ethics and value conflicts are at the centre of the AMR challenge. The conference aimed to articulate the nature and stakes of the AMR challenge and through ethical and philosophical cases and argument, identify social responses and explore the acceptability and consequences of policies and actions both on a small and short term scale and in global and longer term perspective.

Presenters from a range of institutions gave powerful examples and arguments for how to manage the distribution of benefits and burdens coming out of efforts to mitigate further resistance development and to manage consequences of established resistance, considering how the inherent uncertainties can be balanced responsibly in the face of AMR as a major public health threat. The videos of the conference are now available online and are highly recommended watching – not only for the impressive venue but for the careful and detailed cases put forward by each of the speakers. Each provided a unique and much needed voice and collectively these insights should be valuable to shift from margins to centre in AMR discourse.