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Antimicrobial Resistance Centre Student Liaison Officers

Centre Background: The Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Centre aims to help improve and support antimicrobial resistance research at LSHTM and worldwide. Its objectives are to:


  • Promote and facilitate high quality research into AMR that builds on and exploits disciplinary strengths across LSHTM.
  • Facilitate AMR related funding responses and collaboration opportunities.
  • Provide an interface for LSHTM’s AMR research for staff, public, press and wider research communities.
  • Provide educational materials on AMR.


The Centre of Antimicrobial Resistance is organised around five key pillars, which are described in greater detail on the Centre’s website (


  1. Biological and Pharmacological Sciences.
  2. Clinical and Veterinary Sciences
  3. Humanities and Environmental Sciences
  4. Epidemiology and Modelling
  5. Economic, Social and Political Sciences


Purpose: This voluntary role is intended to strengthen engagement of students with the AMR Centre, to provide communications support to the disciplinary heads and promote the disciplines to the student body through social media and events. The central role of SLOs will be in writing blogs, news stories and other social media. They will acquire content for these by reviewing outputs of LSHTM projects/staff, attending AMR events and interviewing LSHTM and outside researchers. Two to three student liaisons officers (SLOs) will be selected to work closely with the AMR Centre Management Team, in particular the AMR Centre Student Representative. Additionally, SLOs will work closely with the central Centres Support Team to provide a link between the Centre of AMR and the student body.


Key responsibilities:


  • Disciplinary Communications Support: Proactively contact and work with the disciplinary heads to identify areas for communicating about work in their pillar, including latest research, events and other activities / news. This can form content for the weekly AMR Centre newsletter as well as content for social media such as Twitter / Facebook and for the website.
  • Content Generation: Using inputs from disciplinary heads, recent (or older) research papers, activities and events in the LSHTM and beyond, generate succinct, accurate and engaging content for the AMR Centre newsletter, website and social media platforms.
  • Event Planning and Support: Work with the AMR Centre Student Representative, the central Events team and the Centre of AMR Management Team to come up with ideas for student events, invite speakers and organise running of events (across all pillars). Promote events through Centre newsletters, email circulars and social media, and support theme leads with communications and admin related activities for priority events.


Position Duration: Until end of academic year (August 2018).


Position Specification: Current LSHTM PhD and MSc Students.


Application Details: If interested in the position please contact James Cross, the Centre of AMR Student Representative ( with a curriculum vitae and a cover letter explaining:

  • Your personal interests in AMR research.
  • Your previous experience that may aid your position as a SLO.
  • Two ideas that may aid the Centre of AMR to link effectively with the student body at LSHTM.


Closing Date for Applications: 30th October 2017