St. George’s Jenner Symposium – University of London Institute for Infection and Immunity

Looking to strengthen and facilitate links between St George’s and LSHTM…..  we at St George’s University of London Institute for Infection and Immunity would like to extend an invitation to staff at LSHTM to attend our flagship symposium – the Jenner Symposium.

Date: Wednesday 2nd November 2016 from 12.30– 6 pm.

Registration and lunch/refreshments/reception free of charge.

Each year we have a theme that reflects some of our global health and infectious diseases research activities, which this year covers issues of zika virus, dengue and meningococcal disease, onchocerciasis elimination programmes, drug resistant gonorrhoea, emerging allergies linked to infections and our key Jenner Lecturer, Dr Marie-Paule Kieny (Assistant Director-General, Health Systems and Innovation, WHO) speaking about policy lessons learnt from the Ebola crisis.

Two of the external speakers are from LSHTM – Prof Martin Hibberd and Prof Roger Hewson (PHE, Porton and affiliated to LSHTM).

We hope the event fosters the ongoing partnerships between St George’s and LSHTM.

To attend we ask that they simply email for catering reasons and numbers.

Registration/Lunch – Hyde Park Room, Hunter Wing Level 1 

Opening and welcoming remarks: Prof Jenny Higham, Principal, St George’s

Roger Hewson (PHE, Porton Down)
Zika virus: Back yard curiosity to Public Health Emergency of International Concern

Professor Philip Cooper (SGUL)
The feasibility of helminth elimination

Dr Tariq Sadiq (SGUL)
Enabling rapid personalised medicine and real-time antibiotic resistance surveillance for global and advanced health systems


Professor Martin Hibberd (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)
Revealing the molecular signatures of host-pathogen interactions

Professor Clive Robinson (SGUL)
Targeting interactions between allergens and infections in asthma – the discovery of allergen delivery inhibitors


Dr Marie-Paule Kieny (WHO, Geneva)
Research and development in the midst of an Ebola epidemic: what have we learnt?

Jenner Reception
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