A health warning from the WHO regarding the types of antibiotics that can cure gonorrhea

A health warning from the World Health Organization was recently released regarding the types of antibiotics that can cure gonorrhea


The World Health Organization says it’s a risk the one remaining treatment could stop working in about 5 years.

Annually there are 78 million cases of gonorrhoea. The STD can be especially dangerous for women as it could affect fertility. Current recommendations suggest anyone under 25 years old should get screened for gonorrhea and chlamydia yearly.

Neisseria gonorrhoeae has developed resistance to each of the antibiotics as they were used successively to treat gonorrhea. Dual therapy with ceftriaxone plus azithromycin is now the treatment regimen recommended by CDC to treat gonorrhea — a single dose of 250 mg of intramuscular ceftriaxone plus 1 g of oral azithromycin, to improve treatment efficacy and potentially slow the emergence and spread of resistance to cephalosporins


The use of dual therapy with azithromycin is also recommended because of the frequency of coinfection with _Chlamydia trachomatis_ for which azithromycin is efficacious.

Source: promed mail