Emerging antibiotic resistance: How can resource-limited settings turn the tide?

Speaker: Dr Lisa Bebell
When: 8th September 12.45-14.00
Where: Bennett Room Keppel Street
Entry: Free and open to all
Antibiotic resistance is a global crisis driven by appropriate and inappropriate antibiotic use. Resistance continues to spread in low-resource settings due to unreliable surveillance data, unfettered antibiotic access, minimal product regulation, lack of prescription oversight, and scarcity of clinical diagnostic tools to support antibiotic de-escalation. Evidence-based strategies from high-resource settings may improve appropriateness of antibiotic use and stop the spread of resistance in resource-poor countries. However, current research and stewardship efforts in low-resource settings are extremely limited, and largely focused intensive care units. Turning the antibiotic resistance tide requires intensifying research, surveillance, antimicrobial stewardship, and developing new bedside diagnostic tools. I will discuss what we know about the state of antimicrobial resistance in resource-limited settings and present original data on antimicrobial resistance from our cohort of 4,231 postpartum women screened for infection while hospitalized at Uganda’s Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital.
Dr. Lisa Bebell is trained in adult internal medicine before completing fellowship in infectious diseases and critical care at the Harvard combined programs in 2014. Since that time, she has lived full-time in Mbarara, Uganda researching pregnancy-related bacterial infections. Her specific research interests include studying risk factors for antimicrobial resistance in sub-Saharan African hospitals, postpartum and nosocomial puerperal infections, and bacterial pathogens that can be transmitted mother-to-child intrapartum. She has also worked on several review and original research articles about Ebola in pregnancy. At Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Bebell sees patients in infectious diseases consultation as an Assistant in Medicine, and is appointed as an Instructor at Harvard Medical School.