Science Museum Lates | Superbugs

Join the AMR Centre for a Superbugs Lates! On 25 April the AMR Centre will be at the Science Museum for their monthly Lates. This month looks at Superbugs, and will include games and disucssions about the large world of little microbes. More information is available on the Science Museum website. Details Date: 25 April […]

Book Launch and Panel Discussion | Superbugs: An Arms Race against Bacteria

Register About the book Antibiotics are powerful drugs that can prevent and treat infections, but they are becoming less effective as a result of drug resistance. Resistance develops because the bacteria that antibiotics target can evolve ways to defend themselves against these drugs. When antibiotics fail, there is very little else to prevent an infection […]

Seminar | Addressing Issues around Antimicrobial Resistance in Asia: Lessons from Pakistan and Cambodia

Summary Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is becoming recognised increasingly as a global issue, although it is likely to affect disproportionately low- and middle-income countries, such as Pakistan and Cambodia. Following the 2015 World Health Assembly, all countries were urged to develop National AMR Action Plans with WHO/FAO/OIE assistance, in an attempt to reduce inappropriate antibiotic use. […]

Workshop | RESIST: Do we know enough for antibiotic resistance modelling to inform decision-making? 

Co-hosted between the AMR Centre and CMMID       Summary RESIST is a workshop to discuss this question in the context of the ever growing research and policy interest in tackling the spread of antibiotic resistance. We have an exciting programme of speakers from the modelling community, alongside policymakers, clinicians and experimentalists. Registration is […]

Short course | AMR: a multidisciplinary approach

Overview This course equips delegates with the knowledge, conceptual frameworks and tools necessary to understand and respond to the complex threat of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). The course learning reflects a One Health perspective that incorporates multiple disciplines, multiple sectors and national and international level considerations. Course dates: 16 – 20 July 2018 At the Sixty-eighth […]

Fresh perspectives: Social Research on Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR)

Summary This event will bring together researchers who are attending to ‘the social’ in AMR, including anthropologists, sociologists, historians, geographers, artists, philosophers and other related scholars. While many are engaged in productive interdisciplinary work within their every day research, this symposium presents an opportunity for concentration on disciplinary work within the social sciences and humanities. […]